Hello. We are Gelotology. We use the power of laughter to positively change one’s behaviour or
attitude, and to offer people an unforgettable experience wherever they are. We believe that is
the way for companies or organisations to stand out of the crowd.
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Warme Maaltijden
The Airport Games
Home care with a smile
The Magic Forge
The ‘Bokrokker’
Month of the Sportsclub
The Bacteria Monster

The science of laughter

‘Gelotology’ is a psychology term defined as ‘the science of laughter’. There are scientific facts behind the simple smile: laughter increases concentration and boosts your memory, and a smile has the ability to lift your mood, change your behaviour, or motivate you.

A smile can lift your mood, change your behaviour, or motivate you

The positive approach to all our projects is carefully chosen and based on scientific research. We work together with the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, among others, and make extensive use of pre- and post-testing to make our solutions more efficient.

Sport Vlaanderen
Zorgbedrijf Roeselare
Brussels Airport
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De Efteling
A.S. Adventure
Het Geluidshuis
Emmaüs VZW

What we can do for you

Customer Experience

Customer experience is the way to set yourself apart from your competition. In addition, it increases the NPS score, target audience, and visit or purchase frequency.

We help you visualise your client’s customer journey to figure out where problems may occur, where customer experience can be improved, or where there are opportunities to surprise your customers in the appropriate way.

These improvements range from increasing the basic experience, such as dealing with existing touchpoints, copywriting, digital applications, etc., to interactive installations or product development.

Behavioural change

Behavioural change is one of our showpieces. We firmly believe in the power of a positive approach. It can motivate people to stay positive or to kick their bad habits.

Through lengthy studies and focus group research we’re able to determine the most effective and appropriate approach. The solution varies from copywriting, to applications, to even physical products.


About us

Hans Kerkhoff and Raoul Maris have been working together since 2007. They’ve won numerous national and international awards for brands as such as Douwe Egberts, De Lijn, Milk, Sporza, Boondoggle and the KBVB (the Royal Belgian Football Association). They met Frederik Cuyvers at Boondoggle, and in 2015 he became client service director and partner of Gelotology. As a team they’re able to pool their individual skills of creativity, copywriting, strategy, design, and technology development, to name a few.

Raoul Maris

Raoul Maris

Hans Kerkhoff

Hans Kerkhoff

Frederik Cuyvers

Frederik Cuyvers

Raoul Maris

Raoul Maris

Hans Kerkhoff

Hans Kerkhoff

Frederik Cuyvers

Frederik Cuyvers




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